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Dragon Project: The Beast Tower

Period: 26 Sep 20:00 PDT ~ 10 Oct 2019 19:59 PDT

Aim to be at the top with Heiland’s “Beast Tower: Cherub’s Armor”!

Great rewards are in store to those who can reach certain areas of this tower!

– Complete the 50th floor and you’ll get 10x Elemental items of each type (Lightning, Fire, Earth, Water, Darkness, Light).
– Complete the 100th floor to obtain 20x Elemental items of each type, plus a generous amount of 150 Gems.
– Complete the 125th floor to get 30x Elemental items of each type. You’ll also acquire one of the most coveted items in Heiland, a Level 60 Penultima Bow.
– Complete the 150th floor and get 50x Elemental items of each type, plus an additional 50 Gems. You’ll also be given a Rainbow Legend Lapis for your accomplishment.

Join Dragon Project with Multi Game Card! Gather your might and show everyone what it takes to be a Hunter!


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