MapleStory 2: Chaos Rising Update

Are you ready for a real challenge, because the Chaos Raids are here! These 10-player dungeons will be the most difficult fights you’ve seen in MapleStory 2 with the most powerful rewards to match!   Chaos Raids It's time to take on MapleStory 2's bosses in some real fights! Get CONTINUE READING

Recharge Your Favorite Esprit Games via Multi Game Card Now!

Esprit Games is a concise group of smart professionals with multi-year background in game industry, with true passion to games. Esprit Games' goal is to deliver great free-to-play content to global markets providing comprehensive services to our partners, and best possible support to our users. Get your Multi Game Card CONTINUE READING

Kartridge, A New PC Gaming Platform and Marketplace from Kongregate

Good news to all Kongregate players! You can now play on Kartridge and find your new favorite game, connect with other players and earn rewards for completing achievements! Purchase your favorite games and Kred in Kartridge with Multi Game Card via Xsolla to at a promotion now!   How to CONTINUE READING