Fly For Fun: Bubble Is Back, Speed Server Season 2!

Many years ago, Bubble and the other Clown Gods were captured by Rhisis and vanished from Roika. Since then, Bubble has been living peacefully in the clouds. Until one day, news reached Bubble that the evil conquered Roika. Bubble then decides to return for the good to prevail.   Join CONTINUE READING

Perfect World (PH): September In-Game Events

Monday: Celestial Tiger Tuesday: Celestial Summoning Wednesday: Omni Battle Thursday: CM Playtime Friday: Homestead Garage Sale Duration: Every Saturday Mechanics: Enter the dungeon by Dream Stone or teleporting to Primal World. You will automatically receive a daily dungeon quest “Silvery Flow”. Finish the quest to be eligible for the reward. CONTINUE READING

Ulala: Idle Adventure x True Cooking Master Boy coming on 12th September!

Ulala: Idle Adventure x “True Cooking Master Boy” crossover has been officially announced, and it's coming right on September 12th!Legendary chef Liu Maoxing is about to bring some of his most legendary and trademark dishes to the world of Ulala! Come devour them to become even stronger!   What are CONTINUE READING