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Get Your Ramsguard Supporter Packs on Dauntless with Multi Game Card Now!

Great news to all Dauntless players, join the ultimate hunt now with the new Ramsguard Supporter Packs. Check out the packs now:

Supporter Pack
3150 Platinum (2500 + 650 Bonus)
Also Includes:
– Exclusive Supporter Pack Content

Recruit Pack
6700 Platinum (5000 + 1700 Bonus)
Also Includes:
– Exclusive Recruit Pack Content
– All of the Supporter Pack Content above

Commander Pack
14000 Platinum (10000 + 4000 Bonus)
Also Includes:
– Exclusive Commander Pack Content
+ All of the Recruit Pack Content above
+ All of the Supporter Pack Content above

Check out the details of the support packs – HERE.


Join the great hunt and get your Ramsguard Supporter Packs with Multi Game Card at the discounted rates now!


How to Recharge via MGCClick HERE.

Where to Buy Multi Game CardClick HERE.


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