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MapleStory 2 Mushking Royale Update : Get Your Merets With NX via Multi Game Card!

Collect Mushroom Coins by playing Mushking Royale, which can be exchanged for special cosmetic and vanity items in Royale Park, with any prizes you earn remaining available after MapleStory 2’s launch.

In Mushking Royale, every player enters with the same set of abilities and the same stats, a Lvl 50 Knight has not over a level 10 Mage. In order to get strong enough to best the competition, you’ll need to hunt around the map, looking for a sleepy Mushrooms to defeat and treasure chests to open, because that’s how you get the big guns.


Get your Merets with NX via Multi Game Card in discount promotion now!


How to Recharge via MGCClick HERE.

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