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Why Use Multi Game Card?

D igital cards are growing rapidly and offer additional benefits over the conventional plastic gift cards and prepaid cards. With today’s tech-savvy customers who literally shops from their mobile devices, computers and tablets, Multi game Card is the perfect solution.

The crucial thing as an online retailer is to make customers want to shop in your store and give them a good reason to return in future. Whether the aim is getting new customers, retaining existing customers, improving marketing, or raising brand awareness, digital cards have a significant part in enhancing a brand’s competitiveness.

Everything is going digital now
It’s increasingly common for people to use their mobile device to make payments, access websites, navigate and shop, as well as communicate. Merchants who use this channel for the distribution and redemption of gift cards, project a positive, modern image, and can leverage social media to construct brand awareness.

Digital is cheaper and more cost-effective
When utilizing digital gift cards, the cost of manufacturing, storage and distribution are all but eliminated. Digital gift cards will also be less likely to be stolen, lost or used fraudulently, again reducing costs. Altough it’s just one of the ways to increase profitability, part of improving the bottom line is cost-saving.

Digital provides the flexibility of multi-channel distribution
The behavior and habits of customers are changing all the time and they like the opportunity to determine where, when and how to shop. By using digital cards distributed by email, SMS, social media networking, a web portal, or particularly a mobile app, a convenient “anytime and anywhere” redemption experience is made. A customer who feels that a merchant is making an effort to match their lifestyle is more inclined to become a loyal customer.

Digital enhances marketing opportunities
With mobile gift cards, the card often becomes “self-managed” and can be reloaded by the user. This creates a direct marketing link between the customer using the app to reload and pay, as well as the merchant looking to inform them, in real time, about promotions, events, and personalized special offers.

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