MapleStory 2: Skybound Expansion Phase 2

2019 is here and MapleStory 2 is hitting the ground running with the second part of our Skybound Expansion! Enjoy the new Fortress Rumble solo challenges, band together with your fellow Maplers to take on the new Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid and more!   Wrath of Infernog Infernog, the CONTINUE READING

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Turn based tactic and open world strategy, from the creator of the original XCOM. Get your Phoenix Point pre-order via Multi Game Card now! Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click HERE. How to Recharge via MGC - Click HERE.

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Artix Entertainment is an independent video game developer and publisher best known for creating browser-based role-playing video games using Adobe Flash and the Unity game engine. Find all of your favorite free web browser games from Artix Entertainment on a single website and recharge your Artix Point with Multi Game CONTINUE READING