Dragon Project: Grasse Village Defense

Brave Hunters! Grasse Village is being attacked by monsters! We seek assistance from everyone who can to help us defend Grasse Village! The request is available today until Oct 7, 20:00 PDT! Accumulate 500,000 Pts and receive Armor Arc Lapis and 100 Gems! No effort will be wasted, Hunters! Get CONTINUE READING

Mabinogi: Fantastic Melody Patch Notes September 19th

Fantastic Melody Update: - A new area, the Arpeggio Concert Hall, has been added! - New Items - New Pet Rebirth and Perk System - New Background Music Options Check out the site regarding the new content update, Fantastic Melody, for more details!   Hurry! Purchase Nexon NX via Multi CONTINUE READING

Purchase Encased RPG with Multi Game Card now!

Encased is an old-school RPG with a turn-based combat system. The story campaign will be approximately 25-30 hours long with significant replay potential. The player will be able to explore the game’s open world and make hard decisions that influence the plot. The world actively reacts to the player’s actions CONTINUE READING