Heroes Evolved ​Dark Reaper

Dark Reaper Hiding in the darkness, Dark Reaper brings infinite probabilities to Psion. Will Dark Reaper overthrow Archdragon and become the new king? You may give the answer. This new skin for Psion is now available in the Store for 1,999 Tokens. Pre-order participants just need to pay the balance CONTINUE READING

Perfect World Online – Dungeon Expedition

Team up and get ready for a dungeon expedition with your fellow heroes! Grab bounties from the untouched lands of Altar of Saintess. Duration: September 20 - 26, 2021 Mechanics: Clear the New Dungeon: Altar of Saintess within the event period. Share your experience with the community by commenting a CONTINUE READING

Continent of the ninth Seal on VFUN Now!

The long wait is over as account migration is here~! Come, Join us as we start new adventure in Continent of the ninth Seal on VFUN. Don't miss out the action and migrate your account now. Having trouble migrating your account or got a question that needs an answer? Head CONTINUE READING