Riders of Icarus: The Golden Bull Event

The Sacred Golden Bull has arrived! An enlightened being that brings extreme happiness, luck and contentment during these hard times. Years of imbibing the holy Grass Weed has made this divine creature omniscient and it has now arrived in Midellas to share his happiness with everyone.   Don't wait! Join CONTINUE READING

Mabinogi: Magical Fairy Tale

Sale Dates: Thursday, January 21st, After Maintenance - Thursday, February 18th, Before Maintenance Get ready for a magical adventure with the Magical Fairy Tale box! Make your dreams come true with the new Snow Prince or Snow Princess outfits. Relax under a Magical Glass Dome or Floral Glass Coffin or CONTINUE READING

Mabinogi – G25 Hypernova: Glyphwright Update Preview

The sixth night has finally ended, and the seventh night is upon Erinn. Everything that has occurred so far, has been the will of Hymerark. The Milletian is fated to destroy and break everything that is precious to them. Is there anywhere they can hide to resist the plan of CONTINUE READING