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Game of Bombs is an MMO Arcade Action Game, a reminiscent of Bomberman classic arcade game. Participate up to 1,000 players in a single map and engage in explosive bombing chaos. You can now purchase your Plutonium with Multi Game Card!   How to Recharge via MGC - Click HERE. CONTINUE READING

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Renegade Line is a third-person cartoon shooter mixed with MMORPG elements. Renegade Line features 2 factions and 4 different classes with unique Talents and Weapons to make every fight an interesting battle. You can now get your Renegade Line Alpha Access Key with Multi Game Card and be part of CONTINUE READING

Conquer Online (EN): Nobility Booster Event

Event period: 25th April ~ 8th May 2019 During the event period, heroes can get amounts of reward by donation. It is best to boost your nobility with silver, CP and CP(B). Boosting your nobility to get an extra reward with Multi Game Card today!   Where to Buy Multi CONTINUE READING