Eudemons Online: Surprise Investment

Buy investment boxes and win rebate rewards! From Aug. 3 to Aug. 15, you can purchase investment boxes from Tycoon O`Neil to get the rebate of EPs and PPs directly. Since the day you bought it, you can also claim EPs, L75 Fire Flames and other rebate rewards from it CONTINUE READING

Spanish Conquer:Búsqueda del Tesoro

Time: 7.25-8.07 El evento de Búsqueda del Tesoro será del 25 de Julio al 7 de Agosto. Héroes, ven y únete al evento para encontrar tesoros, como Runas Amarillas Raras y Fragmentos de la Nueva Colección. Link:   Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click HERE.   BUY CONTINUE READING

Heroes Evolved: Enchanting Dream for Lin Lin

Grab the first skin with unique button customization from the Radiant Vows series! Sell in Store from July 26, 2023 Link:   Buy MGC to top up! Where to Buy Multi Game Card - Click HERE.   BUY NOW