Eternal City: September Events and Updates

Event Period: September 26 ~ October 10 10:00, 2019 The A Class Wielder「Olucia」and the A Class Wielder「Darvela」will have increased summoning rates. Event Period: September 26 ~ October 10 10:00, 2019 The selected Kageso will have higher drop rates. Only the featured Kageso will have increased draw CONTINUE READING

MapleStory: Fabled Melody Update Preview

The Story of Pebble and Wind is here to tell all the big and small stories of Maple World! Complete quests and earn points to spend in the Coin Shop. You can also help Bard finish his songbook of forgotten songs and earn a Legendary Bard Chair along the way. CONTINUE READING

Special Force 2: Shinken Package Purchase Reward

Event period: 12:01 AM of September 23 to 11:59 PM on September 27, 2019, GMT+8 Get the Shinken Package for FREE! If you reach 100,000 GP in-game purchase within the Event Period. - Black Security (Black) PMC - AWP Shinken - Desert Eagle Gold - CAMO Lightning CONTINUE READING