MapleStory Global: 15th Anniversary – Pixel Party Event

MapleStory have decided to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary with a special “retro” event that takes place in the 16-bit Pixel Kingdom. During this event, players will take on the role of the Honorary Pixel Hero to protect the Pixel Kingdom and rescue Princess Aurora from the evil Lord Pixrog. CONTINUE READING


Duration: April 16th - May 14th The adorable characters from the anime KEMONO FRIENDS are coming to Mabinogi! Join Serval, Caracal, and the others as they find themselves in the world of Erinn. Help them try to find their way back to their world, play defense missions, a mini-game, and CONTINUE READING


Duration: Wednesday, April 22 – Tuesday, May 26 11:59 PM (UTC) MapleStory 2 players that come to MapleStory will be given a Maple Welcome Box, containing the Tria Traveler title to help them power up their MapleStory experience for 30 days, and an amount of Maple Reward Points based on CONTINUE READING