Mabinogi: Winter Forest Wanderer Backpack

Sale Dates: Thursday, February 4th, After Maintenance - Thursday, March 4th, Before Maintenance As the cold wind of the winter forest swirls around you and the darkness of the night settles in, don't forget that you have the Winter Forest Wanderer Backpack with you! Inside, you'll find everything you need CONTINUE READING

Atlantica Online: The Amazing Traveling Theater

Duration: January 21, 2020 to February 18, 2021 Players can enter Traveling Theater by using Dell'arte Party Invitation. Using a ticket allows you to enter Traveling Theater for 30 minutes. Multiple Entrance Tickets can be saved up and used as a stack to increase your consecutive entrance time. Please be CONTINUE READING

Atlantica Online – Invasion of Scary Acongs is back in 2021!

Event Duration: January 21, 2020 until February 18, 2021 Growl!! A wandering acong eats a mutated Oriharukon crystal and evolves into a gigantic monster! Mechanics: •Fight any monsters between level 81 and above. will appear randomly. •Defeat to collect . •Use CONTINUE READING