Audition PH: October Special Diego’s Bonus

Duration: October 7 - October 9, 2019 Hi Audistas, Diego has something for you for every purchased of special Diego's gift box you will be receiving an additional next week. · Buy 5 Special Diego's Giftbox take additional 1 Diego's box · Buy 10 Special Diego's Giftbox take additional 3 CONTINUE READING

Dragon Project: The Beast Tower

Period: 26 Sep 20:00 PDT ~ 10 Oct 2019 19:59 PDT Aim to be at the top with Heiland's "Beast Tower: Cherub's Armor"! Great rewards are in store to those who can reach certain areas of this tower! - Complete the 50th floor and you'll get 10x Elemental items of CONTINUE READING

Vindictus: Belle Registration Reward Package

Registration Period: September 24th ~ October 27th, 2019 Belle Registration Reward Package is transferable within an account & ONLY BELLE will be able to open this package! Rewards will be given out on October 29th! Find out more info: HERE.   Register Vindictus via Multi Game Card now!   How CONTINUE READING