Path of Exile: Scourge Official Trailer and Content Reveal

In Path of Exile: Scourge, you must fill the Blood Crucible with the blood of your enemies then shift into an alternate Wraeclast where an apocalyptic event rages, in order to slay powerful demons and craft potent items. Our October expansion contains the Scourge challenge league, new skill gems, a CONTINUE READING

Heroes Evolved Lucky Card

Flip your lucky cards for a chance to win tons of Points, Methos' Angel of Death skin, and even the new skin for Ying Zheng - Great Brain! There is also energy accumulated per flip. With 350 Energy accumulated, you will receive a Skin Exchange Card. Tons of exquisite skins CONTINUE READING

Heroes Evolved New Hero

Glee Puck, a little girl with purple hair, will prove it to be true in Heroes Evolved with her magic pet named Clefairy. With both outstanding combat skills and impressive healing abilities, Glee Puck certainly deserves a seat in your camp.   #OffGamers #multigamecard #yourgamingalliance #HeroesEvolvedMobile   Where to Buy CONTINUE READING