Heroes Evolved: Amethyst Spirit for Siren

Come and grab Amethyst Spirit, a new skin for Siren! During the first week of release, Amethyst Spirit for Siren is for 1359 Tokens only, originally 1699 Tokens. Sell in Store from May 17 to June 13, 2023 Link:http://v2.g.99.com/Hit.aspx?Id=3974   Buy MGC to top up!   Where to Buy Multi CONTINUE READING

Eudemons Online:Surprise Investment

Buy investment boxes and win rebate rewards! From May. 10 to May. 22, you can purchase investment boxes from Tycoon O`Neil to get the rebate of EPs and PPs directly. Link: https://ad.eudemons.com/Hit.aspx?Id=4662 Buy MGC to top up! BUY NOW

Heroes Evolved:Pursuing the Pure

Win Skins of the Pure Realms Series, Tridacna Spirit for Tiamat & Carnelian Spirit for Aiden! Limited Time Offer! You'll also get some Luck points after each draw. The higher your Luck, the more Coins you may get. Duration: May 10 to June 6, 2023 Link: http://v2.g.99.com/Hit.aspx?Id=3974 Buy MGC to CONTINUE READING